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25 August 2008

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Pa #4
22 August 2008

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Lady in pink
19 May 2008

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Pod kątem
14 May 2008

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9 May 2008

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8 May 2008

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7 May 2008

Recent Comments

Rags on Wake me up!
Wonderfully done.

Peter Eykens on My new toy ;)
looks like fun

Self-Indulgence on My new toy ;)

Self-Indulgence on My new toy ;)
Seriously great! Is there any way to make it work anymore?

Joanna on Płyń
Ładne niebieściutkie :)

Pavan Kaul on Pa #4
You have a great flair for portraits! I love the way you capture the mood and essence of the subject!!

Rags on Pop art
Awesome effect. I like it. Her expressions are really nice.

Pavan Kaul on Pop art
Great colors...sure is one for Andy Warhol!

Curly on Pop art
Andy Warhol eat your heart out!

Rags on Gofr
She has a really pretty eye.

Peter Eykens on A czas płynie
nice, you have some really great pictures.

Magda on Nescafe
great DOF! Nice work. Brawo!

Magda on Pa #4
kolejny bardzo dobry portret! splendid! :)

wacio on Lecimy
Drobna korekta , to jest paralotniarz :-) . ładne b/w

Mokart on Topless
dobre fotki i b. ładna modelka na wcześniejszych zdjęciach ;-)

Pasysja on Topless
mniam :)

Lin Yanle on Za kratkami
very interesting. vernacular polish architecture i suppose?

Daryl on Nieruchomo
Love the strong silhouette.

Daryl on Nie bardzo
Candid and sweet.

Observing on Mycie
Nice high contrast and good composition.

DarkElf on Mycie
nice contrast here to really bring out the bikes against bright walls... it looks good!

Mokart on Mycie
I like it, what is this place? There's sth magical about bicycles, they always look so good in pictures.

Rags on Mycie
I love the texture as well as the subjects in the image.

pan Do on Mycie
świetne, pozdrawiam.

onewayphoto / Mark on W locie
Beautiful colours, and perfect positioning of the subjects!

Mokart on Płyń
This is a very good picture, I like it.

Observing on W locie
Beautiful shot, excellent view parachute and boat.

Lars on Pa #4
beautiful. i'm in love.

DarkElf on W locie
really nice colour tone - the blue! i like the parachute in the corner as well with the splash of different colours - ...

Catalin on W locie
I think the colors are too saturated, but over all is a great shot, full of adrenaline

Szabó Zsolt-Tibor on Płyń
Wonderful shot!

10cré on Pa #4
Très beau portrait ! (very nice portrait)

sherri on Kratka
My kind of image:-) Nicely spotted and captured so well.

Observing on Pa #4
Very nice gentle light, makes a wonderful portrait.

Charles on Pa #4
Nice portrait. Love the clarity/sharpness of the eyes (really draws you into the picture).

Mary on Pa #4
what a lovely portrait and colours -dreamy and innocent

Viewfinder on Pa #3
Framed perfectly. A super portrait of this beautiful lady.

Viewfinder on Pa #4
She's lovely, and the portrait is well done to show off her beautiful eyes and sweet expression.

onewayphoto / Mark on Pa #4
Really lovely portrait... has a very dreamy feel to it

Observing on Pa #3
It's a good grayscale portrait, and you have chosen for hi-key which works well.

DonLon on Pa #3
Very well done high key portrate. Works very well.

Magda on Które piętro?
powerful image!

Magda on Bez ruchu
love the reflection!

Magda on Gdzie moje dziecko?
great focus on the girl..... excellent DOF!

Magda on Lady in pink
awesome capture!!!! bravo!

Magda on Pod kątem
Beautiful shot! nice angle! pamiętam jak dzisiaj.....

Magda on Skasuj bilet
nice perspective! great capture! przynosi wspomnienia.....

Magda on Zajęte
creative! nicely done! powodzenia!

Magda on Bezkompromisowo
ciekawa kompozycja!

Magda on Nescafe
nice shot! great B&W....

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